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  Grey Gourmet has launched My BAG, a new line of stylish, lightweight re-useable shopping bags.

My BAG, which retails at stores across Canada and websites from $8.95 per bag, comes in 16 stylish bags that will appeal to both men and women.  The designs by up-and-coming Canadian designer Nancy Gana range from delicate floral and grasses to more masculine plaids and stripes, are available in 16 colours, from vibrant Bamboo Green and Queen Anne Blue to Butterscotch and chocolate brown Truffle.
  • fits into pocket, purse or glove compartment
    se glisse dans une poche, un sac à main ou
    dans le compartiment à gants de la voiture

  • privacy flap keeps items from spilling,
    protects against rain
    un rabat secret empèche vos objects de
    se renverser et protège contre la pluie

  • pocket for cellphone or keys
    pouche pratique pour un téléphone cellulaire
    ou pour des clefs

  • strong and durable
    robuste et durable
  • made of waterproof silky polyester
    en polyester imperméable soyeux
  • top-stitched with reinforced seams and
    wide handles
    surpiqûres, coutures renforcées et larges

  • capacious with gusset: holds equivalent of
    2 - 3 shopping bags
    40 g   45 cm x 42 cm

    spacieux: contient l'equivalent de 2 ou 3
    sacs à provisions

  • washable, colours will not fade
    lavable, ne se décolore pas
  • versatile, stylish and practical
    polyvalent, chic et pratique

(click the image to view the complete My BAG line)
  My BAG weighs just 40 grams and folds up neatly to fit into a pocket, purse or glove com-partment.  Its strong, durable waterproof silky polyester, reinforced seams and gussets mean the one My BAG can hold the equivalent of two to three supermarket plastic bags.  Even better, the wide handles make it comfortable to carry even heavy loads by hand or over the shoulder.  A privacy flap protects against rain and keeps contents safe, and a handy inside pocket is perfect for cell phone or keys.    
  Also from My BAG: A useful Carrycase (retail price $2) that neatly stores four folded bags

BAG  is available in stores nationwide and online at Eco-Handbags.ca