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  KNORK is the first successful improvement to the fork and has developed into a highly versatile tool, combining stylish elegance with a new level of functionality.  It allows the user to cut food (anything from chicken. pork chops, steak, to waffles) more easily and with no sharp edges or serrations it is 100% safe.  It's easy for children to use, great for buffets, parties and picnics.  It's also helpful for persons having motor skill disabilities, use of only one hand or any circumstance where the use of a fork and knife are impossible.
  • Single Multi Functional Utensil performs as a fork and knife in one
  • Finger Platform provides more comfort with less effort while cutting food
  • Outer Beveled Tines provide highly effective cutting without being sharp, safer for children
  • Contoured Handle for balance, stability and leverage
  • Dual Outer Beveled Tines flank both sides of the head for single hand usage - allows you to cut and spear food with either the left or the right hand
  • Versatile to complement all lifestyles
  • High Quality Forged Stainless Steel for enduring strength and durability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty