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  Although most people think a loofah is a sea sponge, in fact it is a gourd-like vegetable related to the cucumber.  The loofah grows on a vine and is left to dry naturally before it is harvested and the outer skin peeled off.  This exposes the inner fibers, the natural loofah sponge.  It is then hand seeded, washed and dried in the sun.  After these procedures it is hand fabricated into Loofah-Art's whimsical and functional products for the kitchen and bath.  Loofah-Art's loofahs have longer and finer textured fibers than most other loofahs making them the softest and most resilient natural kitchen scrubbers on the market.

Loofah-Art products are organically grown by farmers in different parts of the world, including India, the Philippines and Paraguay.  Thousands of farmers have been trained and certified to cultivate loofah sponges, providing humanitarian and economic support to impoverished farmers and their families in developing cultures, including women who never had paid work before.

Growing loofah sponges helps save the land from ecological erosion.  A percentage of all proceeds received from the sale of Loofah-Art products goes back to the countryside to provide funding to build new schools, much needed medical care and decent living conditions.
  Loofah-Art products are 100% natural loofahs, with 100% natural vegetable dye colouring and are 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable.
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