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I've always been interested in cooking and baking and, having discovered that a wood rasp could double as a grater, it was that interest that led me to work with the manufacturer to develop what became the the Microplane® Grater.  Now there is a large range of user-friendly models.
The revolution my cooking technique underwent as a result of having a grater that actually worked, led in turn to a desire to have sharp knives and a foolproof method of keeping them sharp.  I found both in the product line manufactured by the Australian-based Füritechnics.

As a mother and grandmother I am naturally concerned about the world the young will inherit.  That is why I am so pleased to distribute the groundbreaking Loofah Art products.  Any effort to improve the lives of disadvantaged peoples while employing sustainable manufacturing processes in the production of environmentally friendly merchandise is something we can all get behind.

As a society we generate a truly staggering amount of waste.  Our thinking must change if we are to bequeath the best world we can.  Fortunately for us the eco-friendly My BAG product line of re-useable shopping bags provides a stylish and effective way of achieving that end.
  Penny demonstrates the Microplane® Grater at Harrod's, London  
Innovation plays a large part in any successful product and few products can boast of more innovation than the Knork.  Unlike anything else on the market, the Knork incorporates critical modifications to the ages old fork design resulting in a single utensil capable of performing many of the functions of both a knife and a fork.  As it can be used with either hand it has a place in numerous social applications as well as fulfilling a need for the disadvantaged.  

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